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Here are some places around the DU campus that provide food.  This is about a year old.  Anyone want to update the map and restaurant listing?


Restaurants Near the DU Campus


Here is a Google Map with most of the restaurants...



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Anthony's Pizza & Pasta, 1628 E. Evans Ave.

Blackjack Pizza, 2075 S. University Blvd.

The Border Restaurant, 2014 S University Blvd (Not part of the chain)

Brueggers Bagels (Bagels and Sandwiches), 2000 S. University Blvd.

Carl's Jr., (Hamburgers)1535 E. Evans Ave.

Casablanca Moroccan, 2488 S University Blvd.

Chipolte Mexican Grill, 1644 E. Evans Ave.

Fuhgidabowdit Pizzeria, 2041 S. University Blvd.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, 2045 S. University Blvd.

Jason's Thai Asian Bistro (Thai and Sushi), 2022 S. University Blvd

Jazzman's Cafe (Coffee and Sandwiches), Driscoll Center North

Jerusalem Restaurant (Middle Eastern), 1980 E. Evans Ave.

Jordan's Bistro and Pub, 2363 E. Evans Ave.

Kaladi Brothers Coffee Company, 1730 E. Evans Ave.

Mustard's Last Stand (Hotdog's, Hamburger), 2081 S. University Blvd.

Pete's University Cafe (Diner Food), 2345 E. Evans Ave.

The Pioneer (Pub food), 2401 S. University Blvd.

Pita Jungle (Middle Eastern), 2017 S. University Blvd.

Quiznos (Classic Subs), 2075 S. University Blvd.

Sidelines Pub (Sandwiches, Salad, Soup), Driscoll Center North

Spanky's Roadhouse (Hamburgers), 1800 E. Evans Ave.

Spicy Pickle (Sandwiches), 2043 S. University Blvd.

Starbucks (Coffee and Pastries), 2000 S. University Blvd.

Starbucks (Coffee and Pastries), 1605 E. Evans Ave.

Sticky-Star (Sandwiches, Diner Food), 2070 S. University Blvd.

Subway (Subs, duh), 2008 S. University Blvd.

Tokyo Joe's (Japanese), 1700 E. Evans Ave.

Tokyo Bowl (Japanese), 2337 E. Evans Ave.

Trompeau Bakery, 1729 E Evans Ave.

Village Commons (Cafeteria Food), Driscoll Center North

Wendy's (Hamburgers), 2485 S. University Blvd.


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