Web2 dot 0 Tools you can use

Saturday -- Web 2.0 – tools you can use

Joe Kraus, facilitator


Kristen Fitzpatrick, notetaker 


“23 Things” http://plcmcl2-things.blogspot.com/ 


Problem with some librarians; unwilling to learn new tools; which one best suits your needs? 


Wikis – either need a small enough group that all can learn it; or so large that there is sufficient dedication to offset the dead weight.  Even those who have started wikis complain about how information shifts location and keeping track of where things are can be daunting. 


Internet Librarian conference in Monterey recommended (Oct 25-27) http://www.infotoday.com/conferences.asp 




Cites to link from, learn about:

SciVee.tv – Videos, science talks, tutorials : http://www.scivee.tv/

Bioscreencast: http://bioscreencast.com/

Make your own video – Camtasia or Jingproject: http://www.jingproject.com/

National Science Digital Library www.nsdl.org 


Use Delicious in LibGuides – update Delicious and it exports directly to LibGuides. 


Can set up groups in Delicious so you can save/tag for different purposes. 


Use Google Analytics to track usage – problems with all spam 


Wiki software: PBworks, WetPaint, Mediawiki, Confluence, DokuWiki 


Easy blogs: Blogger, Wordpress,

Animoto “ The end of slideshows” http://animoto.com/ 


Joe did a demo on host a group blog: showed how DU is setting up Penrose Pen ”connecting people to the library.”  [The blog isn't live to the general public yet, JK]  New books, tags, news, subscribe to RSS feeds for new books, important to have plug-ins (from http://www.addthis.com/ and http://sharethis.com/ – both have statistics) Bit.ly does stats, too.  Can have blog feed into Twitter through a service like http://twitterfeed.com/.


See entries in Patricia Watkin’s blog: http://lifeinlibraryland.blogspot.com/ to see how [sharethis] can be implemented.