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Unconference Location

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The Unconference will be at the University of Denver, Driscoll Center Ballroom and other adjoining meeting rooms.  This is about 4-5 blocks south of the University of Denver stop on the SE Lightrail lines.  More details will be added as the date approaches. 


Here is a map of the 2nd floor of Driscoll North.  We will start the meetings in the Ballroom.



We have four breakout rooms plus the main ballroom (http://www.du.edu/studentlife/driscoll/rooms.html), so this allows up to 20 topics to be discussed each day.  Jill and I will put up a grid soon.  Right now, our plans are to fill in the grid for Friday and maybe some of the grid for Saturday.  We would like to allow for topics to adjust from one day to the next, so we can finish the grid of topics on Saturday morning before we begin the day. 


Here are the spaces for the rooms we will use: 


    *  Ballroom - Our largest space, this room accommodates up to 500 people.  (I will get about 12 or so round tables that hold 10 people each.  This way, most people can be forward facing.)

    * Gallery - Featuring a glass wall looking east to the campus green, this space accommodates up to 150 people. (This is where the vendors will display wares on their tables.  Breakfast will also be served here.  No official sessions will take place in this room.)

    * Fireside - This cozy space accommodates up to 15 people.

    * 1880 - This room accommodates 35 to 60 people. (Has AV.)

    * 1864 - This room accommodates 40 to 60 people. (Has AV.)

    * Commerce - This room accommodates 24 to 50 people. (I could bring over a digital projector if needed for this room.)


Parking information


DU Parking Services has various maps of the campus for visitors, some are interactive, and some are in PDF format. The PDF map shows that the light rail station is on the far northwest side of campus. To get to the Driscoll Center, walk four blocks south down High Street, then take a left to go eastbound at Evans Ave. Walk about a half block to Driscoll (the big building with the bridge over Evans) and take a left into that building.


You can also get a daily parking pass so you don’t have to pay by the hour. https://www.parking.du.edu/visitor/default.aspx


Daily Visitor Permits (scratch-off and dash permits)

Visitor permits can be purchased from Parking Services during normal business hours.  These permits are valid for only 1-day and can be used in any designated Visitor lot on campus. While properly displaying a valid daily visitor permit, visitors do not have to pay meters or pay stations.


The most common daily visitor permit we sell is the Scratch-Off permit. These permits contain a calendar on the front of the permit which allows the customer to scratch-off the date of use. Once scratched-off, it becomes invalid for future use. If you are issued a scratch-off permit, please make sure you properly and thoroughly scratch-off the entire date, including the year. Failure to do so will result in the issuance of a citation. Scratch-Off permits are valid in all 3-hour + visitor lots and any General lot. Scratch-Off's are not valid in lot #303, south of the Mary Reed Building.


Questions?  Contact Parking Services at parking@du.edu or Phone: (303)-871-3210  

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