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Session and topic ideas

Page history last edited by Bill Jacobs 14 years, 5 months ago

Here is the place where you can put down a bunch of session and topic ideas.  Let the brainstorming begin.


  • I would like to see sessions pertaining to copyright, digital Access, and funding for science special collections for research (Julie Carmen)
  • Collaborative & local collection development in the 21st century (Deborah Kegel & Jeffra Bussmann)
  • Resource sharing aka ILL/new ways of delivering services in reduced times. (Deborah Kegel)
  • Reference & other public services & space issues. (Deborah Kegel)
  • This could be a number of sessions -- The future of the journal, the article, the library, the branch library, the book, the e-book, the university, copyright, and more. (Joe Kraus)
  • I recently wrote an article that was an gentle introduction to quantum computing and quantum computing resources (http://www.istl.org/09-spring/internet.html) -- if there's interest, I'd be happy to give a talk on the same topic (Jill Cirasella)
  • Scholarly communications --- having the author rights discussion with faculty, working on getting faculty publications posted to repositories, open access mandates, open science, etc. (Colleen Lyon)
  • On being an Embedded Science Librarian.  I think it's a great response to closing branch libraries particularly for those of us who are moving to more and more e-resources. (Flora & Jeffra)
  • Mobile science librarians (Flora & Jeffra)
  • Ebook platforms and pricing models. Springer is a model of enlightenment apart from the (somewhat) high price tag. (Flora)
  • Shared IRs as part of larger discussion on how to move to OA (Flora)
  • Can we share ideas IL initiatives with Engineering faculty/students? (Patricia Watkins)
  • I'm interested in citation-based metrics--how they're calculated, what they really mean and how they're used, abused and manipulated. I'd be interested in a discussion with others who've been thinking about the subject or I could do a presentation for folks who'd like a primer. (Bill Jacobs)
  • Science information literacy instruction for non-science-major students. (Bill Jacobs)
  • Publishing of primary research data i.e. Thieme and the German National Library of Science and Technology
  • I am interested in librarians who are teaching credit classes (not emmbedded, not literacy sessions).  I am, and would like to hear ideas.  (Tracy Primich)
  • I'm curious how other science librarians are fine-tuning their journal collections (adding/cancelling) during these tight budget times. (Jeffra Bussmann)
  • I am interested in envisioning the academic science information service/aka library of the future. I'm working on a white paper with Ann Redfield here at SLAC and also working on a research paper on leadership skills identified within the prof. literature on the academic library of the future. I'd be happy to lead a discussion on this topic. (Pat Kreitz)
  • Building on science programming as library services.  Examples: ScienceCafe; game nights for computer games; lecture events; promoting OA resources (Julia Gelfand)
  • New collection emphases such as interdisciplinary intersections; science policy, reference works, popular emphases such as as green technologies, etc.  Are libraries really relying on science journals at the expense of science monographs?  What about eBooks in Science?  Treatment of leasing content vs owning books?  Does patron initiated efforts make sense in science? (Julia Gelfand)
  • Media in science. (Julia Gelfand)
  • Changing role of textbook in sciences today - challenges of eTextbooks, costs, etc. (Julia Gelfand)
  •  Patron-driven collection development and the pros and cons of having the books selected by the user instead of librarians.  I am especially interested in the ramifications of phasing out purchase plans in this environment. (Michelle Wilde)
  • The sustainability of reference collection when reference books are moving from a one-time purchase to a serials model.  Is consistently updated information worth the additional costs? Will the serials model mean the death of the reference work when libraries can no longer afford additional serials subscriptions?(Michelle Wilde)
  • Moving our ebooks from the computer screen to handheld devices (Kindle, iPhone, Nook, Sony ebook reader).  (Michelle Wilde)
  • Are citation databases (databases with no full text component) still necessary?  Are they going to die out as we move to purchasing content enriched databases and we link to vendor websites that are freely available on the web? With the exception of a few databases like SciFinder and Web of Science, do any citation databases really offer a value that is commensurate with the cost?(Michelle Wilde)
  • Training for Science Librarians - learning/mastering the subject - what are the current expectations in having staff with proficient science backgrounds? (Julia Gelfand)
  • How are publishers planning on indexing resources such as the planned Scoap3, arXhiv, etc. where articles are not published in the traditional manner?
  • For those of you who participate (or have participated) on a vendor SciTech Advisory Group/Board, I'd like to hear your experience. What worked, what didn't work? What would make your personal experience better? Would you participate again? Are there any of you who would like the opportunity to participate on a SciTech Advisory Group/Board? (Rich Hummel)
  • I would like to see some kind of a science (or special) library response or appendix to the "Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians" -- http://www.blyberg.net/2009/04/03/the-darien-statements-on-the-library-and-librarians/  (Joe Kraus)
  • Science Librarianship and Web 2.0 (Jennifer King)
  • Free Government Science Resources (Jennifer King)
  • Finding funding for science resources in difficult budget times (fundrasing, donations, grants). (Jennifer King)
  • All of the above topics have gone into the poll.  Feel free to add more topics below between now and January 8, though!
  • John Dupuis (Head of the Steacie Science & Engineering Library at York Univ.) wrote a great blog post -- Futures thinking and my job in 10 years.  He asks the kinds of questons I think about all of the time.  I would like to know some of your answers to his questions. (Joe Kraus)
  • I'd be interested in discussing the particular challenges of being the lone physical science librarian covering many departments at a university without a strong research focus in those areas. Specifically, there's the difficulty in finding library services a less active faculty find of value.


Comments (6)

patricia.watkins@... said

at 7:55 pm on Oct 8, 2009

Can we share ideas IL initiatives with Engineering faculty/students?

Karen Alfino said

at 12:54 pm on Oct 12, 2009

I'd be interested in learning more about S.T.E.M. workshop presenters who would be willing to facilitate (free) hands-on workshops for grade school or middle school children at libraries.

Christie Peters said

at 1:16 pm on Oct 23, 2009

I am very interested in citation-based metrics. I would attend the unconference just for a session on this topic.

Victoria Mitchell said

at 3:52 pm on Nov 9, 2009

Of the topic ideas listed above, I am most interested in:
Being an Embedded Science Librarian
How other science librarians are fine-tuning their journal collections (adding/canceling) during these tight budget times -- this necessarily overlaps with:
Resource sharing aka ILL/new ways of delivering services in reduced times
Publishing of primary research data -- but also archiving, etc., of same, and any projects libraries are doing to add non-textual data to IRs, assist researchers with managing their data, etc.

Jeffra Bussmann said

at 4:27 pm on Nov 10, 2009

Maybe if we cannot necessarily have a speaker/presentation session for all these fabulous ideas, we could have one or two roundtable sessions? Maybe even during meals?

Jill said

at 7:59 pm on Dec 17, 2009

All topics suggested in the comments above have gone into the poll. Feel free to add more topics between now and January 8, though!

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