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Meeting Notes

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Facilitators: Here are some tips for the facilitators.


Notetakers: Once you've posted notes on the wiki, please link the session's title below to the notes.



Friday, January 8, 2010


  • Session 0 - 9:00-10:00 
    • Ballroom: Introductory session, opening statements, adjusting the schedule, stuff like that






  • Friday Wrap-Up Session - 5:00-5:30
    • Ballroom: Quick summaries of sessions, etc.



 Saturday, January 9, 2010


  • Session 0 - 9:00-9:50
    • 1880: Setting the Saturday sessions





  • Lunch
    • Library space planning



Possible Saturday topics include (but are not limited to!):


  • On being an embedded science librarian
  • Free government science resources
  • Future of the article and the journal
  • Future of copyright
  • Collaborative and local collection development in the 21st century
  • Science information literacy instruction for non-science-major students
  • Sustainability of the reference collection when reference books are moving from a one-time purchase to a seriasl model
  • Finding funding for science resources in difficult budget times (fundraising, donations, grants)
  • Media in science
  • Copyright, digital access, and funding for science special collections for research
  • Publishing of primary research data -- i.e., Thieme and the German National Library of Science and Technology
  • Resource sharing aka ILL -- new ways of delivering services in reduced times
  • Library space planning
  • Changing role of textbook in sciences today
  • Responding to the Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians
  • Introduction for librarians to quantum computing and quantum computing resources
  • Experiences on a vendor SciTech Advisory Group/Board
  • The particular challenges of being the lone physical science librarian covering many departments at a university without a strong research focus in those areas
  • A session springing from Futures Thinking and My Job in 10 Years blog post
  • Part 2 of a Friday session...
  • Anything that comes up...


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